Residential artists

All the resident artists working at MotorInk are fully dedicated and passionate about the art they create daily for our customers. We have highly skilled professional tattoo artists, all with several years of experience. It is our passion to transform a visual memory from the customer, into a customised piece of art that lasts forever.

Besides our resident artists, the shop is often hosting international guest artists, bringing in different styles and perspectives from all around the world.

Celio Macedo

My name is CĂ©lio originating from Brazil and now for almost a decade living in Amsterdam. I started my shop Motorink in Brazil in 2006 and brought it to Amsterdam in 2010. 

The shop originated from the idea that I wanted to create a place were I can bring like minded artists together and provide customers with outstanding quality tattoos. The way I think of tattooing is that I thrive to always exceed expectations by putting all my time, effort and love in the designs I create. 

My work consist mostly of a black and grey style with graphic look to it. Although I mainly focus on big projects, I do like to take on smaller orders once in a while. My main focus is on getting the customer the best tattoo for them. Thats why I always have a consultation with the customer. In this conversation we can exchange ideas and make a start on the project together.

Style: Black and grey, realism, colour, portrait and Cartoon.

Cesar Magrones

Cesar Magrones, the Brazilian ink master, brings a relaxed and humorous touch to the world of tattoo artistry. His versatile style, combining Japanese, Old School, and Tribal elements, is a testament to his deep appreciation for tradition and culture.

Cesar’s tattoos are not just body art; they are expressions of history, stories, and laughter. If you’re seeking a tattoo experience that combines artistic prowess with a laid-back vibe, Cesar is the tattoo artist to turn to in Brazil.

Cesar’s tattooing style is a mesmerizing tapestry woven from the threads of Japanese, Old School, and Tribal art. His versatility in these diverse styles showcases his deep appreciation for the rich history and cultural significance of tattoo art.