My name is Célio originating from Brazil and now for almost a decade living in Amsterdam. I started my shop Motorink in Brazil in 2006 and brought it to Amsterdam in 2010. The shop originated from the idea that I wanted to create a place were I can bring like minded artists together and provide customers with outstanding quality tattoos. The way I think of tattooing is that I thrive to always exceed expectations by putting all my time, effort and love in the designs I create. My work consist mostly of a black and grey style with graphic look to it. Although I mainly focus on big projects, I do like to take on smaller orders once in a while. My main focus is on getting the customer the best tattoo for them. Thats why I always have a consultation with the customer. In this conversation we can exchange ideas and make a start on the project together.

Style: Black and grey, realism, colour, portrait and Cartoon.